Our Web Site Design Portfolio Spans Over 14 Years

It would be difficult to show you all of our work, but the below samples are all new sites that we are proud of.

Clement Support Services

Pages: ~20
Features: Modern Design, Rotating Images, Galleries

Scope: Clement needed a clean design that would showcase their different services including photo galleries for each offering. The site features clear calls to action, social media integration, and a slick dropdown menu with rounded corners, animation, and clean hover effect.


Pages: ~5
Features: Clean Design, SEO, Dropdown Menu

Scope: Trenchfree needed a simple site that would not only capture clients via search but also be visually appealing. The dropdown menu is transparent and uses rounded corners. The site is very simple to use, and yet highly effective.

Moreno Family Law Firm

Pages: ~40
Features: SEO, Quick Contact Forms, Dropdown Menu

Scope: Moreno Family Law Firm wanted a modern design that would break free of their previous "template" look. The old site was very outdated and had some consistency issues. The new site is easy to use, the information is clearly laid out, and well organized. The call to action is clear on every page with a quick contact, and the dropdown menu works very well with it's current page indicator. We target the bay divorce lawyer market with SEO, and have developed a long term strategy for maintaining the search ranking.

DeAnza Water

Pages: ~45
Features: SEO, Clean Design, Email Forms, Dropdown Menu

Scope: DeAnza Water Conditioning is a family owned and operated business and wanted an updated image that would portray quality and professionalism. Several email forms were created to simplify the contact method and allow the information to get routed to the correct person quickly and automatically. The drop down menu ensures a fast, easy to navigate, and consistent user experience.


Pages: ~30
Features: SEO, Modern Redesign, Flash, Rounded Menu

Scope: Teranetics wanted a complete redesign with emphasis on clean, modern design. We created a custom site to their specifications that included a flash homepage banner, custom header graphics for each main section, a transparent rounded corner drop-down menu, and a quiz section with over 60 questions. The site also uses a Google search box so that users can find information quickly.


Pages: ~70
Features: Clean Redesign, Flash, Drop-down Menu

Scope: The top drop-down menu is setup to open downward with a nice scrolling effect, and includes a third level or flyout within a drop-down. This allows for access to every page from every page. The left navigation mimics the top menu for ease of use. The homepage incorporates flash animation, and also a scrolling news marquee. The contact page is a very simple yet complete design which allows access to all locations from a single web page. The design services and IP providers pages use a click to expand area for an uncluttered, simple to use design.

Fionas Sweetshoppe

Pages: ~30
Features: SEO, E-Commerce Store, Simple Effective Design

Scope: Fiona owns a small candy store in San Francisco and knows that her clients cannot always visit in person. We setup the shopping cart, shipping costs, paypal integration, etc. We also take care of maintenance so that any product not in stock will not purchasable. We setup mailing list integration. The shopping cart features custom shipping rates based on location not weight, coupon codes, and a straight forward, easy to use checkout process.


Pages: ~5
Features: Fast, Simple, Clean Design

Scope: Xingtera wanted a site built in three days; no problem. Give us a challenge and we will rise to the occasion. The menu is setup for dropdowns once the company grows and has more pages. Maintenance is simple, which was a requirement. We like the color palette and rounded corners. Sometimes less is more, and we believe this site epitomizes that philosophy.